Ice Sled

$17.00/ per block

Been ice sledding? No? Then you haven’t lived. Pull out that bucket list, stop telling me there isn’t anything fun to do in Perth and get down to Balcatta Ice.

$17 Each pick up from Balcatta Ice

Minimum 24 hours notice required for online orders or call direct to check availability

Please Note: Pickups available Friday and Saturday
To pick up on another day, please call us to make an appointment.



Our Ice Sleds are a giant block of ice with a strategically placed “steering rope” or as we like to call it “the oh no handle”. The aim is to find the biggest, baddest grass hill you can, start at the top, and race full pelt to the bottom.

Probably the most fun you’ve had in years and the closest thing we can find to an “Aussie Toboggan”. No snow? We’ve got you covered.

Grab a few friends and start ordering your ice sleds today.

Perfect for:

  • Having the time of your life
  • Beating your friends down hills
  • Sliding down grassy embankments at high velocity
  • Cooling down very, very large drinks.

Call (08) 9240 7775 to order your Sled today